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Job ID / Title:
Associate Professional - Scheduling
Job Category:
Workforce Planning
Work Location:
South Camp Road

Job Description

Sutherland is seeking a strategic-thinking and analytical person to join us as a Scheduling Specialist. Primary responsibilities will be to create sets of schedules to ensure the most efficient use of staffing resources are balanced with maximum employee retention. If you are looking to build a fulfilling career and are confident you have the skills and experience to help us succeed,

we want to work with you!

• Track all elements of staff shrinkage to be used in the development of schedules.
• Identify all reasonable shift definitions that can be used to match the changing demands.
• Identify and maintain compliance with any regulations, rules, or agreements that affect scheduling of frontline staff. 
• Develop analysis that identify opportunities for changes that will improve operational efficiency, consistency of results, and/or employee satisfaction.
• Identify and plan for team meetings, training, coaching and other off-phone tasks. 

• Ensure that correct assumptions regarding historical data and business drivers are input into the WFM system and kept current and any other duties as assigned.



Minimum (1) one year experience in a WFM function;

To succeed in this position, you must:

  • Have strong analytical skills; be able to interpret data, identify trends, and make suggestions for improvements
  • Be strategic in developing solutions and process improvements
  • Have demonstrated leadership skills; be able to take the lead in making improvements and resolving issues
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts effectively
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills; be able to communicate in a clear, constructive, and professional manner
  • Experience with a commercial WFM software package.
  • Be able to work in MS Office
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