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 Confirmation Agreement

The person who referred you, referenced on the Confirm Your Sponsor and Apply Now form is currently pending your approval. Being ​referred has benefits; you have an advocate who is vested in helping shepherd your process of being considered for employment at ​​Sutherland. The person who referred you may also help you gain more insight about employment at ​Sutherland. It is important to note that you will need to confirm this agreement to finalize the relationship between you and ​the person who referred you. Confirming this relationship will also grant them limited visibility into your candidacy within the organization

If two or more Sutherland employees refer you, the Referral Form received first will qualify for the bonus payout if you confirmed both Sponsors. If a Sutherland employee refers you after a non-employee has referred you, then the employee will not be eligible for a bonus if you confirmed the initial person (non-employee) as your Sponsor

If you do not want to confirm the person who referred you, click the Clear Who Referred Me link below to remove the referenced Sponsor and return you to the ​Sutherland Global Services Career Site.  

Sutherland reserves the right to change the rules of this program at any time without prior written notice.