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Referral Overview

Calling all Referrers!

There’s no denying the power of your friends, family and career network—and as an integral part of Sutherland’s Referral Talent Strategy, we are enlisting YOUR HELP to find the best talent and referring him or her as a prospective employee at Sutherland. If you know someone who would be a fantastic addition to Sutherland and meets the qualifications for current or future positions, we encourage you to REFER him or her using Sutherland’s Career Site Referral Portal. By registering and verifying your account on the Referral Portal, you will become an authorized Referrer who can refer individuals to career opportunities at Sutherland anytime!  

Refer & Confirmation
To refer an individual, you will need to know some information about them and provide context to best support your Referral. For Sutherland’s Referral purposes, any individual referred will be termed a Referred Contact. Referrers can invite Referred Contacts to apply for a specific position OR search our career site for a position they find of interest. Referral invitations are sent to Referred Contacts when a Referrer enters them into the Sutherland Career Site Referral Portal. These invitations must be confirmed by the Referred Contact before a Referrer is granted visibility into their progress as an applicant.

Tracking Referrals
Once confirmed, Referrers can keep track of their Referred Contacts at any time by logging into the Referral Portal on the Sutherland’s Career Site and will be able to see if the Referred Contact has confirmed the Referral. For Sutherland Employee Referrers, if the individual referred is hired and bonus eligibility applies, additional information regarding the individual’s consideration and possible bonus award and payout timing may also be shown.

All referrals will be evaluated for employment, consistent with our organization's policies and procedures, and all information regarding the hiring and selection process will remain strictly confidential.


Referrer Relationship Options

During the Referrer registration process, you will need to select your relationship with Sutherland. Select from one of the following:

  • Sutherland Employee Referrer (Currently employed full or part-time)
  • Sutherland External Referrer (You don’t work for us, but you know someone who should!)
  • Sutherland Alumni Referrer (Previous employee, who knows Sutherland is a great place to start or to grow your career)


To register as an Employee Referrer for any employee relationship options, individuals will require an email address from domain. External Referrers need only have a valid email account.


Permanent full or part time employees that work for Sutherland and that are in good standing, are the only referral category who will be eligible for a cash bonus award.  Bonus will be paid to the Employee Referrer provided the Referred Contact confirms their referral and is hired and all eligibility rules outlined below and also outlined in their specific regional guidelines are met.  Please note that rules and bonuses are subject to the region in which the Referrer is assigned. The amount of the bonus award will be determined based on the hired position’s award bonus amount and level. If more than one Referrer submits a candidate, reward is based on a first to submit and first to be acknowledged by candidate basis.


Bonus Eligibility Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

The following requirements must be met for a Sutherland Employee Referrer to be eligible for a referral bonus:

1.  Anyone can REFER an individual to work at Sutherland regardless of employment status or position level.

2.  The Referrer must send the Referral Invitation and complete the Tell Us About Your Referral form before the Referred Contact has completed their application for employment, for any open position at Sutherland to be eligible. 

3.  Agency fees are not associated with the hiring of the Referred Contact. 

4.  The Referred Contact has not worked at Sutherland in the past or as a temporary, intern, seasonal worker (summer), contract or former full-time or part-time employee.

5.  The Referred Contact must be hired into a permanent position with Sutherland for Sutherland Employee Referrers to be eligible for an Employee Referral Bonus.

6.  Referrals expire after 6 months and must be re-entered to maintain eligibility when they expire.

7.  Both the hired Referred Contact and the Referrer must be employed at Sutherland in order to be eligible for payment at the milestone and payout dates.  We cannot pay former employees who no longer work for the company for referrals that meet milestones should the Referrer leave Sutherland Employment.

8.  Referrals submitted by employees involved in the hiring process are not eligible for the bonus.


Once a Referred Contact is hired and has completed employment milestones (90 and 180 days), the Sutherland Employee Referrer, will receive the bonus award, minus applicable taxes and withholding, within the next 2 pay periods based on relevant pay cycles. Employees will not be paid off cycle.

Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be handled through Sutherland Refer Team  Payment deposit issues will be handled directly through Payroll team at payroll@SutherlandGlobal.Com.

Sutherland reserves the right to change the rules of this program at any time without prior written notice.  You can access the full list of applicable REFER rules based on your location below.

 *Referral rules vary by region:

North America


Europe, Middle East and Africa

Latin America